How We Work. Many of our portfolio companies think of us as their coach, mentor or even partner. We think of ourselves as navigators.

“This business is about more than writing checks. It’s about being able to identify exceptional people and large opportunities, and a lot of hard work.”


When we agree to work with a company – whether startup or established business – a “deal” begins to flow. It’s like a fast-moving river, loaded with treacherous currents, hidden whirlpools and perilous rapids.

That’s why you want to work with a company who’s negotiated the churning waters of hundreds of deals. We’ve been there. We know the taste of success – and failure – and learned valuable lessons from both.

At CMEA we build teams. No entrepreneur can succeed flying solo. Ideas may sprout from bright minds, but they grow through teamwork and organization. We offer both. We’ll introduce you to a huge network of talented professionals deeply embedded in your industry – a physician who’s mastered the intricacies of clinical trials, a software executive who knows the milestones of a product launch, or an engineer steeped in the science of alternative energies. Each one passionate about what they do, each working tirelessly for your success.

Who We Look For