Who We Look For. We look for entrepreneurs across the spectrum of business development.

You may be a young entrepreneur working your first deal. Most of your assets are in your head. You’re working from your laptop, and your office is the corner table at Starbucks. You have limited resources and even less time.

Your idea – and you’re convinced it’s a winning, change-the-world, breakthrough idea – is your life. And you may be right. With our perspective, we can show you how your idea stacks up against the thousands we see each year.

You may have partners, but in some ways you’re all alone. More than anything – maybe even more than the capital – you need a mentor, a navigator, someone who understands.

That’s good. We want to work with you.

Or, you may be a serial entrepreneur, experienced negotiating the swift turns of deal flow. You may have taken two or three companies public and enjoyed repeated success. You’re also smart enough to know you can’t do it alone either. Great things happen when great people work together.

As much as funding, you need a team, a network of talent and more resources. After all, you’re not just building a company. You’re changing the landscape of a $200 billion industry.

We want to work with you too.

Here is the secret to getting your business plan seen by the CMEA partners:


Be creative and resourceful in seeking out the partner within CMEA whose expertise best matches your company’s focus.

Do your homework.

We encourage you to get an introduction to our partners through one of our portfolio company CEOs, one of our strategic partners or another venture firm.

Making the important connections begins with you.