Investment Philosophy. Our investment philosophy is built around two core principals – and unshakable faith in the opportunities of scientific discovery, and our ability to identify those opportunities and bring them to market.

“Anyone can guess at the next breakthrough technology. What’s tough is to know what will translate into a new business. Finding, building and backing teams to create visionary businesses are CMEA’s passions.”


We believe the explosion in science over the last generation is a mere preamble to what lies ahead. Advances in our three focus areas – life sciences, information technology and energy and materials – will transform the way people around the globe live, work, treat their health and consume energy.

We also believe tremendous rewards await the patient investor who can identify those discoveries and nurture them to maturity. Not an easy task, nor is it risk free. But after 21 years of success nurturing more than 145 emerging companies, we’ve developed a repeatable, transparent process for generating a competitive return for our investors.

Here’s a quick overview of our areas of emphasis.

Life Sciences

We invest in drug development, medical device and diagnostics companies that can rapidly prove their concept, efficiently use capital, and where our investment will inject significant value within 30 months.

Information Technology

Software, as well as semiconductors and emerging internet technologies offer great promise. We believe talent and intellectual property represent the most formidable barriers to entry into these markets.

Energy & Materials

We will take advantage of the tremendous growth in alternative energy consumption, thereby focusing on energy intelligence, advanced generation, future fuels and chemicals, premium power, and energy efficient products.

Portfolio Companies