Portfolio Companies. Why do some companies succeed and others fail? Portfolio Companies: 74, Total Capital Invested: $1.2 Billion, Industry Focus: Energy & Materials, Information Technology, Life Sciences
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It’s tradition for capital management firms to display the logos of their portfolio companies on their website. But if you look beyond the logos, what do you see? What do these successful companies have in common?

It must be more than just smart people with good ideas. After all, there’s no shortage of both in the world, and only a fraction achieve commercial success. What else is involved?

There are numerous common denominators to success. The team behind an idea exhibits honesty and openness and enters into a trusting relationship with us. They are able to break their idea down to its simplest form and clear value proposition. They carry a fire in their belly and operate with a sense of urgency to meet every objective. They deal with adversity and willingly step beyond their comfort zone. They temper their vision with generous measures of reality and consumer focus.

Most of all, they listen. And we listen.

No magic. No complicated formula for success. Just healthy doses of integrity, drive and common sense.

Does that describe you?

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