Energy & Materials. Nurturing transformative ideas to the next level of funding and commercial success. Portfolio Companies:14, Industry Focus: Advanced Generation, Future Fuels/Chemicals, Energy Efficient Products, Energy Intelligence and Premium Power

Over the last 21 years, we’ve helped more than 15 energy and materials companies to develop a myriad of scientific applications – from cleaner bio-fuels, to long-lasting lithium batteries, to molecular nuclear power technology.

Our role is to guide companies through critical milestones and take them to the next level of funding. That can only happen when the venture firm you’re working with has a command of the deep science behind the idea and the street-smarts derived from building companies for over two decades.

  • CNano Technology

    CNano Technology

    CNano is a leading nano-material company that manufactures and develops carbon nanotubes for advanced energy, especially Li-ion battery, conductive plastic and structural applications.

  • Codexis Inc.


    Codexis Inc. (NASDAQ:CDXS) is a clean technology company. The company develops industrial biocatalysts, including enzymes and microbes. Codexis technology is used in the energy industry to enable advanced, non-food biofuels and by global pharmaceutical companies for cost-effective manufacturing of human therapeutics. Future commercial applications include carbon management, water treatment and chemical manufacturing.

  • Contour Energy Systems

    Contour Energy Systems

    Contour Energy Systems is a leading innovator of advanced battery technologies leveraging materials science breakthroughs and patented manufacturing processes for the development of next-generation primary and rechargeable battery systems.

  • Foro Energy

    Foro Energy

    Foro Energy delivers the performance of high power lasers to meet the world's growing energy demands.

  • Inventure Chemical

    Inventure Chemical

    Inventure Chemical has developed processes for the direct, efficient production of industrial bio-chemicals and fuels from materials such as algae, agricultural by-products and waste biomass.

  • Real Solar Logo

    Reel Solar

    RSI provides technology, tools, materials and know-how to the leaders in photovoltaic manufacturing. The company has developed a proprietary process for Rapid Efficient Electroplating on Large-areas (REEL). RSI works with regional manufacturing partners to deliver the lowest cost locally manufactured photovoltaic modules. The company was founded in 2009 by a team of capital equipment veterans based in Silicon Valley, California. Co-investors include CalCEF Angel Fund, CMEA, Mayfield Fund, Nth Power, and Pangaea Ventures.

  • Solaria Corporation

    Solaria Corporation

    Solaria Corporation designs, manufactures and markets silicon photovoltaic modules to solar project developers and electric utilities in North America, Europe and Asia. Based on its patented low-cost technology, Solaria’s modules provide reliable performance while matching form, fit and performance of conventional PV modules. Solaria is headquartered in California with European offices in Germany.

  • Wildcat Discovery Technologies, Inc.

    Wildcat Discovery Technologies, Inc.

    A start-up company focused on the discovery of advanced materials for clean energy technology applications, Wildcat Discovery Technologies, Inc. has developed high-throughput synthesis and screening platforms for rapid evaluation and discovery of complex materials. Wildcat is currently investigating materials for lithium-ion battery electrodes, hydrogen storage, gas separations, and additional programs under evaluation.