David Collier

David Collier

Managing Director, Life Sciences
CEO, Velocity Pharmaceutical Development (www.vpd.net)

David Collier

Contact info:
(415) 830-3447
Executive Assistant Contact info:
Greer Rothman
(415) 689-5720

Joined CMEA: 2001
Years Experience Building Companies: 17
Education: MD, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine. MBA, Wharton School of Business
Board Seats: Arcion Therapeutics (Chairman), Exela Pharma Sciences, Sorbent Therapeutics

Deal Starters: Drive, hard work, creativity and willingness to accept help
Non-starters: Violations of confidentiality; “I’m not supposed to tell you this but…”
Outside Activities: Teaching my kids about science, aviation

The successful completion of a venture capital deal requires experience from multiple corners – business, finance, science and even psychology.

Add options trading to the list. David Collier, Managing Director of Life Sciences, spent his early post-college years as a commodity options trader at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and the Chicago Board of Trade.

In its simplest form, venture capital is little more than a securities transaction, wherein a VC firm buys a start-up company’s stock. In reality, however, the deals are anything but simple, often involving different tiers of securities with different preferences, the issuing of warrants, granting stock options and establishing pricing triggers, to name a few of the wrinkles. David understands the complex nuances of a venture deal like few of his peers.

David didn’t originally intend to enter venture capital or the life sciences. A self-professed “computer geek,” he earned a BS degree in physics and decided after college to apply his mathematical and computer skills to the complex world of options trading. He accepted a job at a commodities trading firm in Chicago, eventually working his way onto the floor. “I was that guy you see screaming and waving his arms on the trading floor,” he said.

After seven successful years of trading, David decided to return to his love of science and chose to pursue an MD, with the goal of going into research. During medical school he became interested in the creation of new companies around breakthroughs in biomedical research, and so decided to convert his graduate education into a combined MD and MBA. This path led him to the world of biotechnology start-ups and venture capital.

CMEA is thankful David made the right decision. With an MD, MBA and street experience in securities trading, he brings a breadth of background that has become a trademark of CMEA. David relishes his responsibilities as a director of numerous portfolio companies, including his role as an advisor, mentor and recruiter.

He could even help with stock options.