Faysal Sohail

Faysal Sohail

General Partner

Faysal Sohail

Contact info:
(415) 962-2554
Executive Assistant Contact info:
Victoria “Rory” Jenks
(415) 963-3325

Joined CMEA: 2002
Years Experience Building Companies: 27
Education: BS Computer Engineering, University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign)
Board Seats: AirTight Networks, Evolution Robotics, Multigig, Inc., NEA-IndoUS Ventures
Non-Profit Board Seats: Silicon Valley Education Foundation (Chairman), American Pakistan Foundation

Deal Starters: Entrepreneurs who think big and make the most of limited resources
Non-starters: The “good-enough-is-good-enough syndrome”
Outside Activities: Sports cars and travel

Faysal does not shy from big challenges.  Where many venture capitalists avoid risky, breakthrough technologies, he expends considerable energy helping companies develop new applications to solve tough problems addressing large markets.

Nor is Faysal a pure academic.  Before joining CMEA, he helped buildthree companies, which became successful either via IPO or through a merger or acquisition, including Cadabra Design Automation, which was eventually acquired by Numerical Technologies (NMTC).  His world revolves around helping entrepreneurs, and he understands the stress and demands involved in building something of value.

When he’s not building companies, Faysal pursues a second passion – education.  He’s committed to improving computer literacy and increasing high school graduation rates among young people in Silicon Valley and emerging regions like Asia and Africa.

His commitment to education is instructional in his work with technology entrepreneurs.  Like young people in the emerging world, entrepreneurs are fundamentally at a disadvantage. The deck is stacked against them.  They need someone to open doors, to present opportunities previously out of reach, and to be their mentor.  Successful entrepreneurs learn to make the most of limited resources and never take anything for granted.  That excites Faysal.