Erik Sebusch
Edward Schnipper, MD
Contact info:
(415) 963-3316
Executive Assistant Contact info:
Victoria "Rory" Jenks
(415) 963-3325

Joined CMEA: 2010
Education: MBA Thunderbird, School of Global Management, Masters of International Management with honors. The University of Phoenix, Honolulu, HI BA Business Management, Summa Cum Laude
Board Seats:  CEO Ventures, American Security Challenge, SouthEast Emergency Response Network, Stealth Retail Start-up, Beautylish, Inc.

Deal Starters: Tenacity, intelligence, innovative, frugality
Non-starters: Accepting the status quo.
Outside Activities: Networking, traveling and martial arts. The latter requires a combination of intelligence and brawn, and fits into Erik's work-hard, play-hard philosophy.

Erik Sebusch has no doubts about who's at "the top of the food chain" in the world of venture capital – the Limited Partner. CMEA Capital's newest partner is committed to giving LPs the attention and communications they need.

With deep experience on the investment side, Erik understands the evolving needs of limited partners. They have more investment opportunities to choose from. They're looking more closely at risk-return tradeoffs. And they're demanding greater transparency and communications. Erik's role is to give them all of the above. "Our goal is to develop a best-in-class platform on which we can communicate with our limited partners and build strong strategic relationships," Erik said.

Erik is a “trained innovator,” which means he does not easily accept the status quo.  During his long career at UPS, which he calls a “left-brained organization,” Erik encouraged them to use “right brain thinking” to develop new products while in New Product Concepts.  This innovation continued while in UPS’s venture arm, UPS Strategic Enterprise Fund. Erik was involved in assisting and strategizing with early-stage startups to get their message and technology exposed to UPS and out to the world.

Erik has life-long interest in technologies involving personal and national security.  Since 911, that interest has taken on a higher purpose – helping to keep America safe.  He sits on the Department of Homeland Security’s pilot program, the SouthEast Emergency Response Network and takes part in the American Security Challenge.  The latter is a private-sector competition that supports the development of security technologies.  One recent standout is a high performance “panoramic” visual reality goggle, developed by Sensics.  It’s used to train personnel in armored vehicles, flight simulators and combat.

Erik will bring a similar panoramic vision to our relations with limited partners and strategic partnerships.