Rachel Sheinbein
Rachel Sheinbein. Senior Associate, Energy and Materials.
Contact info:
Executive Assistant Contact info:
Victoria "Rory" Jenks
(415) 963-3325

Years Experience Building Companies: 14
Education: BS, Chemical Engineering, University of Pennsylvania MBA and Masters in Civil and Environmental Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Board Seats: Arcadia Biosciences, Contour Energy Systems, (Observer) and Solaria Corporation
Non-Profit Board Seat:  Expanding Your Horizons Network

Deal Starters: Someone who has a contagious passion for his or her product or industry
Non-starters: Lack of integrity
Outside Activities: Skiing

Connecting people with people.  This is one of Rachel’s strengths that she utilizes in both her professional and personal lives.

Rachel thrives when she is surrounded by smart, talented and passionate people.  In her career at Intel, she worked with a team on cutting edge waste water treatment and with a group that was shaping the industry in environmental metrics and treatment technology. She, also, led a group on strategy for IT in the supply chain.  After Intel, Rachel had the opportunity to consult for entrepreneurs in the sectors of solar, bio plastics and water.  And, now at CMEA, she seeks out visionaries who see possibilities and can make them a reality. 

In addition to her work at CMEA, Rachel is a board member for Expanding Your Horizons (EYH), which encourages girls in math, science, engineering and technology.  

“Expanding Your Horizons has taught me a couple of strong lessons that I can use at CMEA,” she said.  “One is that diversity of opinion and ideas is important.  We need different skill sets and leaders to make our portfolio companies strong.” 

 There are times when the board doesn’t fully agree on the approach or direction. “I have learned to navigate through these situations and  bring the board to a decision that benefits the stakeholders,” she said.